We offer Daycare, Playgroups and Individual plays Monday through Thursday.

Our Goal is to provide a happy day of fun and safe playtime for your canine companion.

All dogs must pass an assessment before they are able to join groups. We match dogs based on temperament and size.  Dogs bred for high prey drive are better suited for individual activities.  Unaltered or dogs who haven’t passed assessment for group play are welcome to our daycare, but will play, cuddle or walk individually with one of our trained staff members.

  • Your Assessment Day of Daycare is free!  Please call for an appointment.
  • Full Day rate $39 (two playgroups drop off between 7am – 9am and pick up between 4pm – 6:30 pm)
  • Half Day rate $29 (one playgroup, drop off 7am – 9:30 am & pick up by 1pm OR drop off after 11 am, & pick up between 4pm – 6:30 pm, call for details)
  • Discount packages available
  • We provide a bed, water and treats. No need to bring anything but your dog!
  • If your dog is under a year old, you can bring a midday meal.
  • Dogs under a year old do not need to be altered and are welcome in group play as long as behavior is appropriate.


10 day
20 day
30 day

Immunization Requirements

  • Veterinary proof of vaccinations or current Titers for Rabies, DHLP-P,  Bordetella and Canine Influenza.
  • Please contact your veterinarian to make sure your puppy is safely immunized before participation at our facilities

Please contact the Boarding Office at (209) 334-1316 ext. 1 for more informationi