Pet Boarding

Our Facility

We provide spacious kennels, multiple activity yards, walks around our lake, cuddle time in our Zen Den and even dog playgroups. We have Certified Animal Care Technicians on site at all times to help monitor your pets stay. Please contact the Boarding Office for more information, (209) 334-1316 ext. 1.

How Our Boarding Day Is Calculated

Boarding charges start the day of arrival. Check out time, Monday through Friday is before 12:00 noon to avoid another full day’s charge. Saturday and Sunday are always full charge days.

Boarding Packages

Boarding rate starts on check in day, Saturday and Sunday are always a full day charge.   
Pricing is per day, no substitutions.

Package Name:Description:Rate per Day:
Restful DogTwo feedings, multiple potty breaks throughout the day and a nighttime snack.$ 49
Playful DogTwo feedings, ONE activity, multiple potty breaks throughout the day and a nighttime snack.$ 59
Sporty DogTwo feedings, TWO activities, one mid-day snack, multiple potty breaks throughout the day and a nighttime snack.$ 69
Busy DogTwo feedings, THREE activities, one mid-day snack, multiple potty breaks throughout the day and a nighttime snack.$ 79
Clever KittyTwo feedings, ONE  prowl ‘n play session and a nighttime snack.$ 39
Curious KittyTwo feedings, TWO prowl ‘n play session and a nighttime snack.$ 49

One boarding package choice per pet, per stay. No substitutions.

Above prices are per pet, per day. Multi-dog families save $4 per day if they share a kennel. Limited to three dogs per kennel. Monthly rates, for all pets staying over 30 days, receive a 10% discount on the basic boarding rate, if entire stay is paid in ADVANCE.

Your Boarding Rate provides two daily feedings and multiple 10-minute potty times in our private gravel yards.

A la Carte Options

Additional walk, play or cuddle time$ 20.00 ea.
Senior Strolls (for dogs 10 years or older)$ 18.00 ea.
Kong stuffing$ 8.00 ea.
Extra feeding$ 8.00 ea.
Extra potty breaks$ 8.00 ea.
Insulin administration$ 10.00 per injection
Medication Administration$ 2.00 per administration
Vet trip$ 75.00 minimum charge
Special carePrice Varies
Early Drop off/Pick up (in addition to full boarding rate. Must be pre-arranges when making reservations.)$ 100.00 minimum
Multiple dog discount in same kennel (limit 3 dogs)$4.00 per day

Above prices are per pet services and additional fees may be applied for pets that require special handling or for a geriatric pet. Prices can only be quoted at time of stay, as they require special analysis by trained staff.

Cancellation Policy

Regular Stays require a 48-hour cancellation notice for both drop offs and pick-ups.

Holiday Stays require a deposit and a 7-day cancellation notice. These include New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This also includes weekends and days leading up to and/or including the Holiday.

Federal holidays and high season days are subject to a $15 additional per day boarding charge.”  Call for details.

Any cancellations outside of these parameters are subject to a fee.

Our Food

Your pet’s diet is one of our highest priorities while you are away. We always recommend bringing your food from home, as it is familiar to your pet and might be more likely to eat well. This will also help prevent intestinal upset from a quick diet change. If you choose, we also have a high-quality natural pet food available for your pet while you are away. We regularly work with animal nutritionists to make sure your pet is getting the safest and healthiest options while at our facility.


If your pet has daily medication that needs to be given, we have trained staff that are able to administer it to them. All medication must be brought in the prescribed bottle with the name and directions given by your veterinarian. DO NOT combine medication with your pet’s food prior to coming in. Additional fees may be applied for pets that require special medical handling. Please contact our Boarding Office for any questions in regard to medications.

Personal Items & Recommendations

We encourage you to bring personal bedding and toys/chews from home (no more than two toys). This helps your pet feel more comfortable and at ease. We cannot be responsible for chewed bedding or lost or damaged toys, so please bring items you can replace easily.

Rawhide digestibility can vary from dog to dog and from chew to chew. Generally speaking, rawhides are not easily digested, which is why large chunks broken off and swallowed pose such high obstruction risks, therefore we ask you not to bring these for your dogs.


We can provide a skin and coat maintenance plan for your dogs and cats while that are at our facility. Our full-service Groom Salon will keep your pet looking good while you are away. Please contact our Groom Salon for more information. Even in our clean facility, pets pick up odor from the cement runs. We highly recommend a bath for all dogs whose boarding stay is longer than 7 days. For all lengthy stays, a coat maintenance plan and a bath every 30 days is required.

Client Checklist

We recommend completing all paperwork and requirements prior to your first check in day.

  • All clients must make reservations in advance.
  • New clients must provide a $100.00 deposit applied to the pets’ first stay.
  • ALL clients must provide a $180.00 per dog, $100.00 per cat Holiday deposit if boarding over any major holiday.
  • Veterinary proof of vaccinations or current Titers (we do NOT accept breeder/self-administered vaccines)
    • For Dogs – Rabies, DHLP, Bordetella, Canine Influenza
    • For Cats – Rabies & PCRP
  • Boarding Registration Form and Boarding Contract completed
  • Visa, MasterCard or Discover card on file
  • Bedding, 1 or 2 toys and/or chews (optional)
  • Food from home (optional)
  • Medication in original prescription bottle (if necessary)

Please contact the Boarding Office for more information, (209) 334-1316 ext. 1